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Jewish Holocaust Museum - Research Centre

AINA - Genocides Against the Assyrian Nation

Armenian General Benevolent Union - Promoting Armenian Heritage and Culture in Aust (Eng)

The Forgotten - Genocide against the Armenians (Eng)

Assyrian Online - Genocide info

Genocide Research - Genocide Research unit (Eng )

Human Rights - Pontian Genocide (Eng)

Firodil - Institute Genocide Publications

Mr V. N. DADRIAN - Genocide Scholar (Eng)

Armenian Genocide - (Eng)

Genocide Reserch - The University of Memphis and the Pennsylvanian State University (Eng)

Macedonian Press Agency - Site dedicated to the Pontian Genocide (Grk)

GENOCIDE NEWSLETTER - Page on Armenian, Assyrian and Greek Genocides (Eng)

Pontian Genocide Project - Pontian Genocide page with pics (Grk)

Holocaust Studies - Australian Inst. Of Holocaust and Genocide studies (Eng)

Holocaust of Greeks - Page on Pontian Genocide as part of Sydney's research unit (Eng)

Discover the Rep of Turkey - Interesting Site on Turkey and its doings (Eng)

Genocide Research Unit - Official web site of the research unit (Eng)

Turkish Crimes - Page on Inhumane atrocities done by the Turks (Eng)

Kurdish Genocide - Human Rights Violations against the Kurds (Eng)

Holocaust Studies - Brookdale Community College Site(Eng)

Holocaust Studies - Ramapo College Site(Eng)

Holocaust Studies - Drew University Center Site(Eng)

Holocaust & Genocide Studies - Minnesota University Site(Eng)

ISG & IAGS - Institute for the study of Genocide & Int. Association of Genocide Scholars (Eng)

World Genocide - Human Rights Violations all around the world, also by Turks (Eng)

Pontian Genocide - Prof. Kostas Fotiadis Web page (Grk)

Fanis Maklidis - Personal page struggle for recognition of Pontic Genocide (Eng + Grk)

Hellenic Genocide - Please sign the petition (Eng)