United Nations
Genocide Remembrance Day
December 2014

Sunday, 7th of December 2014 - 11am

Memorial Reflection for All The Victims of Genocide and Genocidal Acts
Sunday 7th December 2014 from 11am
Ray Brahman Gardens
St Georges Road, Preston
Followed by Lunch & Discussion Forum 1-5pm
Darebin Intercultural Centre
59A Roseberry Ave, Preston

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In preparation for the United Nation's Genocide remembrance day in December 2014, DECC is once again organising a conversation on Genocide and how this has impacted on culturally diverse communities now living in Darebin.

For more information, please contact the DECC Deputy Chairperson,
Sofia Kotanidis on 0425 822 257
or the DECC Chairperson, Suriyan on 0468 330 113.



our mission

To educate the wider Australian community about the unique cultures, histories and identities of the Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians, and to achieve the formal recognition of the Genocides committed against them in the early twentieth century.